Covid a real disease using Behavioural Science manipulation to hide global crash

Per 100,000 more people died in UK 2003 than 2020- Pandemic meaning global yes- killer disease in very old or very vulnerable in appreciable numbers- source NHS death rates and Bed occupancy- Covid patients are a minority.

So a global depression when whitty did a talk that shows all but very vulnerable and a fraction of those at risk.

Media hid age loaded deaths causing unnecessary fear in working age while aiding government removal of people from employment- as we can see further on the jobs were evaporating and furlough payments /universal credit uplift a mechanism to maintain compliance of the masses and demoralise people to maintain control in global instability.

You couldn’t go to work- but Amazon could deliver-So Deadly Your Home Delivery Essential!

Deaths in the uk from1990 to 2020

UK government own heat map shows 75-90+ bore the brunt confirmed by NHS weekly death rates, Nice Level 5 frailties and DNR’s coupled with £1000 bonus to care home owners to take untested elderly and vulnerable patients- Guaranteed deaths with Genocide

Prior sept 19 debt market seized up,

In mid-September 2019, overnight money market rates spiked and exhibited significant volatility, amid a large drop in reserves due to the corporate tax date and increases in net Treasury issuance. Although some upward pressure on money market rates due to these seasonal factors was expected, the extent of the increase in both the level and volatility of rates in secured and unsecured markets was surprising. In this note, we review the money market events of September 2019 and discuss the factors that may have contributed to the sharp rate movements in the repo market and the associated pressures in the fed funds market.

What happened?
The moves in both secured and unsecured rates on September 16 and 17 were much larger than any of those observed over the past few years. Figure 1 shows the effective federal funds rate (EFFR) and the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR), a broad measure of the cost of borrowing cash overnight collateralized by Treasury securities, since December 2015. The EFFR has been quite stable and only printed outside the FOMC’s target range on one day before September 17. While SOFR has been more volatile compared to the EFFR and exhibited some quarter-end seasonality, it rarely moves more than 20 basis points on a day.


GDP stagnated crashed Dec 19 Source Office of National Statistics, media desperate to say no recession- 2008 fundamentally kicked problem down road and stagnation- Keynesian economics are broken and compounded by Austerity.

series-211021 CSV

Nice level 5 frailty vulnerable never made it to hospital and GP’s refused care- Genocide

Had historical NHS capacity been available, no issues and Nightingale were props as 40,000 understaffed.

Behavioural Science used to maintain and divert attention while maintaining control when vehicle travel more dangerous 0-60 Years old

So media are shilling this as a credit crisis in Sept19 and GDP crash in Dec 19

Of course media are not going to point it was a depression coming anyway.

It’s the Next AIDS hysteria which is dreadful for at risk section of society- rest of us nshould be holding Government as traitors to the public they serve.

I now know how Nazism made it’s way into society, people won’t admit they are being conned on a massive scale when NHS data shows that Minority of beds are Covid and Majority are not- if capacity for an aging population maintained and GP’s actually doing appointments, many hospitalisations could have been avoided

When at my age my chance of a Covid death is 0.02% and daily road travel or motorcycle travel more risk- why would I want an experimental vaccine for a less than 1% death risk when the NHS Yellow card reporting system and prior vaccine issues as a family= more risk

the only winning move is not to play as world economic forum


Ignore infection rates- do we even trust tests made in china?, look at hospital capacity from NHS DATA and realise that had hospital capacity been maintained- no issue and media are scammers best ignored

Australia kicking shit out of people and violent police? Massive health issue? or control of population?


Emergency Vaccine with boosters your not ever stop taking at my age death risk 0.02% which is lower than travel by road so with past reactions in family to vaccines- the NHS Covid Yellow book shows Vaccine more risk than Covid