Nuclear Fraudsters

While undoubtedly people would prefer state owned NNP as they see a potential conflict between private companies and safety.

The true fraudsters are:-


Helen Calicott

who is so full of shit that her version of events are governed by shock tactics and are a complete fraud. She sells fear to the concerned, has zero factual information or truth.

Chris Busby

Enriched uranium lie is used frighten people and his so called testing should be considered fraud. At no time has Chris Busby shown gamma spec readings of artificial isotopes which would indicate any truth in his allegations. A real life Frank Spencer.


Arnie Gundersen

Mild mannered and still a shill, selling fear to the uneducated.


Reliable citizen and organisation monitoring show that the fraudulent BS peddled by these Con Artists fails basic scrutiny/ lacks any science and is devoid of scientific facts.

HPGE Gamma Spec is available it would show contamination from atmospheric testing at such a low level that it can be considered irrelevant to NORM, TENORM, Fossil Fuel and Industrial licensed emissions.