Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) & H5N1 avian flu

The question being are the reported infected accurate or are people being listed as heart disease main existing condition- when the actual cause of death is nCoV?
The other question being the rate of infectious spread per person. Basic reproduction number and other historic pandemics

We estimate the effective reproduction number for 2019-nCoV based on the daily reported cases from China CDC. The results indicate that 2019-nCoV has a higher effective reproduction number than SARS with a comparable fatality rate.
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This work was supported in part by grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology (2016QY02D0305), National Natural Science Foundation of China (71621002, 71771213, 71790615, 71972164 and 91846301), Chinese Academy of Sciences (ZDRW-XH-2017-3), and the Hunan Science and Technology Plan Project (2017RS3040, 2018JJ1034).
As the Chinese and Who stage manage the situation and people are still allowed to move round the globe in a reactive instead of proactive manner- this will undoubtedly unfold.